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Case Study: Kevin James DVD Package

Kevin James DVD Concept One

Concept One

The first concept was very clean and simple. I used the film strip image on the back to contain the photos Kevin had provided, and also to provide some dynamic angles for the eye to follow. Because this was a preliminary design, no disc cover was created. Overall, Kevin felt this was a little too plain and businesslike.

Kevin James DVD Concept Two

Concept Two

Version two was a little more whimsical, but incorporated a sort of office supplies theme. This is a rough draft, so several of the graphic elements are low-resolution, and you can see the watermark on the main background image. My “rough” drafts are typically fairly finished, but in this case, because I wasn't yet sure of the artistic direction, I opted to create a very rough draft initially. If the client had liked the concept, high-resolution artwork would have been purchased and I would have spent more time refining the design.