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Featured Work: McBride Magic

McBride Celebracadabra Postcard

Celebracadabra Postcard

This promotional postcard was created for Jeff for the VH-1 TV series Celebracadabra. The biggest challenge with this project was creating a style that would incorporate the existing Celebracadabra logo. I only had a flattened version of the logo on its background, so we opted for a retro look with a 50s style television set to stress the idea that it was a television show.

Inside MdBride DVD Packaging Inside MdBride DVD Packaging

Inside McBride DVD Packaging

This packaging was created for Jeff’s Inside McBride: Behind the Scenes of the Magic & Mystery School DVD. The overall concept was to create packaging that would express the “behind the scenes” feel of the content of the DVD. I created a silhouette of Jeff and incorporated the Magic & Mystery School logo in a subtle way, and used gold and brown tones to convey a feeling of ancient mysticism.

Magic & Medicine Postcard

Magic & Medicine Postcard

This postcard was created to advertise one of Jeff’s master classes, the Magic & Medicine Conference. The conference focuses on the combination of performance magic and healing arts, thus the curtained stage with the caduceus arising from the top hat.

Magic & Medicine Postcard

World Tour Postcard

Jeff needed a postcard to advertise his World Tour schedule, as well as his Las Vegas show, the Wonderground. The challenge with this project was to emphasize the most important information (Jeff's World Tour, and the Las Vegas show), in addition to listing his extensive complete tour schedule. I created a 6" by 11" postcard that was large enough to contain all the necessary information, but small enough to be mailed for a reasonable cost.