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Case Study: Jordan Wright Logo

Jordan Wright Logo One Jordan Wright Logo Two Jordan Wright Logo Three

Set One

This first set of comps was based Jordan’s initial desire to use an image of an eye and incorporate his initials. The basic image is the same in all three versions, but variations on the red geometric shape were used, including a neon version.

Jordan Wright Logo Four Jordan Wright Logo Five Jordan Wright Logo Six

Set Two

These versions were still in keeping with the eye and initials concept, with two of the comps using his full name as a sort of eyebrow. Surreal, indeed!

Jordan Wright Logo Seven Jordan Wright Logo Eight

Set Three

At this point, Jordan decided to move away from the eye and initials idea, and asked me to continue the design process without that limitation. The first is a trendier logo, and the second incorporates the red spade that eventually became a major part of Jordan’s branding. The obvious choice would have been to use a traditional black spade, as found in a deck of cards, but I think using red is much more aesthetically interesting.

Jordan Wright Logo Nine Jordan Wright Logo Ten

Set Four

Jordan liked the red spade very much, so we stayed with that concept through the rest of the design process. The top logo is much more focused on his name, with the spades as an accent. The bottom logo ended up being a secondary final version, as it is similar enough to the final logo that was chosen (below) that it is still recognizable as the same brand.

Jordan Wright Logo Eleven Jordan Wright Logo Twelve

Set Five

The top logo here became the final version, and appears on all of Jordan’s promo material, although the bottom version was a close second.